Firefly Entertainment Ltd is one of England’s largest independent owners and licensors of DVD, film and music. It is based in Beak Street, Soho, London W1.

The company has a catalogue currently of over 200 film and documentary titles which it has exclusive UK and in some cases world rights over.

In addition the company has an extensive music catalogue of proprietary and public domain recordings across all genres and has released over 4,000 albums through its music digital partner The Orchard.

Firefly also controls one of the largest portfolios of sport, film, music and literary based collectibles with over 1,500 individual items including a signed Led Zeppelin guitar, Jimi Hendrix amplifier and rare dairies and letters from the 19th century.

Firefly also owns 50% of G2 Rights Ltd which owns a book catalogue of over 2,500 books spanning fiction, non-fiction and gift books.