titanic the shocking truth
Price: RRP £ 7.99

Titanic - The Shocking Truth explores the conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.
the doctors
Price: RRP £ 7.99

This is the story of Britain's favourite home grown science fiction programme told by the different actors who have played the role of the Doctor.
mandela - the man and his country
Price: RRP £ 9.99

Revolutionary, rebel and reformer, Nelson Mandela is a man who advocates freedom, though he himself has spent almost half of his life in prison.
twilight - the saga uncovered
Price: RRP £ 12.99

The Twilight Saga is a series of five fantasy films based on the four Twilight series novels by the author Stephenie Meyer.
7-days in space
Price: RRP £ 7.99

Celebrated actor Gary Sinise hosts this rare look inside the Space Shuttle and NASA's commitment to high quality technology.
poseidon explosion
Price: RRP £ 7.99

Inspired by a accident that happened in the 1970s near Galati, Romania.