Featuring The Jackie Chan series, Operation Condor, and of course Bruce Lee titles and many more...
Featuring "King Frat" - If you thought 'Animal House' was funny, just wait until you see the boys from Delta House...
Classic Emanuelle films such as Emanuelle Goes To Cannes, The Emanuelle Collection and many more...
Featuring "Tales of the Riverbank" with Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan and Jim Broadbent...
Re-release of A Touch of Class with Glenda Jackson and "Fur Your Height Only" - WENG WENG is Agent 00.
Specialising in Dick Randall Films, Slaughter High, Living Doll and many more...
It wouldn't be Martial Arts without Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan films - and there are lots of choose from...
that summer of white roses
Price: RRP £ 12.99

Andrija (Tom Conti) stars as a likeable and good-natured lifeguard at a tranquil Yugoslavian summer resort. It's the last summer of the German occupation, and he has yet to save a life.
king frat
Price: RRP £ 4.99


The wildest, dirtiest and raunchiest comedy that makes Animal House and American Pie kneel before it!


emmanueles daughter doubt
Price: RRP £ 5.99

Emanuelle's daughter Pussy introduces her to her new lover and she suffers a flash of recognition.
Tales of the Riverbank
Price: RRP £ 11.99

They may be small, but they're about to embark on a big adventure!

Voice by Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan & Jim Broadbent

tales of the riverbank - johnny morris
Price: RRP £ 11.99

One of the most exquisite children’s programme ever made - narrated by Johnny Morris.
Slaughter High
Price: RRP £ 5.99

The day begins with a popular student, Carol Manning (Caroline Munro), jokingly asking Marty Rantzen (Simon Scuddamore), the school nerd, to have sex with her in the women’s locker room.
dick randall horror collection
Price: RRP £ 19.99

A classic collection from the Spectacular Films catalogue produced by the legendary Dick Randall
total shock fest horror box
Price: RRP £ 19.99

A classic collection from the Spectacular Films catalogue containing the best of 70s and 80s exploitation movies:
Price: RRP £ 9.99

George Segal plays married insurance executive Steve Blackburn, who can't seem to avoid bumping into divorced fashion designer Vicki Allessio (Glenda Jackson) wherever he goes.
the bengali night
Price: RRP £ 12.99

Hugh Grant stars as a British engineer who becomes entangled in a forbidden romance with his Indian employer’s eldest daughter.
titanic the shocking truth
Price: RRP £ 7.99

Titanic - The Shocking Truth explores the conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.