DAVID LEADBETTER - 2 for 1 Golf Instruction

Category: Fitness & Sport
Price: RRP £ 10.99

The Short Game:

Covers putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play and each section includes “advanced score savers” for the fast learner. You will also be given the drills and tips to develop the touch necessary for a great short game

David still ranks as the world’s #3 coach after Butch Harmon & Hank Haney in 2010 Golf Digest with such famous students as Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Michelle Wie and Ian Poulter.

The Swing:

Covers every aspect of the swing – grip, posture, alignment & ball position, body motion, balance, torque & power, hands, arms and club motion. David reveals a number of useful exercises to develop and better balanced and repeatable golf swing. Why pay David’s current coaching rate of $3,500 for 3 hours in Florida when he can clearly give you the elements of a perfect swing here!

- One of the world’s best known golf instructors
- Added value compilation release
- 2 original programmes in one package