Pilates - the core workout

Category: Fitness & Sport
Price: RRP £ 14.99

Here's your chance to find out. Discover hidden strength and control with this exciting all new Pilates programme!

Whilst every exercise incorporates the Pilates principles of concentration; relaxation; alignment; breathing: centring; co-ordination; flowing movements and stamina, in this DVD Lynne will focus in particular on centring, also called core stability.

This DVD is perfect if you haven't yet tried Pilates as The Fundamentals are clearly explained and all of the Core Workout exercises have a beginner's version to follow. Check out the bonus feature too. On the other hand, if you're already a Pilates addict, you'll love the variations and advanced versions of old favourites, plus exciting new exercises specifically designed to challenge your core. Pilates has never been so much fun!

- Latest programme from the Queen of Pilates
- Proven sales history of over many years